Yuvraj Singh diagnosed with cancer, undergoing chemotherapy in USA

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PinExt Yuvraj Singh diagnosed with cancer, undergoing chemotherapy in USA

To much dismay of the Indian cricket fans, the flamboyant batsman Yuvraj Singh has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

If the media reports are to be believed, India’s man of the World Cup tournament is currently undergoing ‘chemotherapy’ in US.

The star all-rounder left for the treatment in US in last week of January. Reports said Yuvraj’s chemotherapy will continue till March.

In November last year, there were reports of the stylish cricketer from  “career-threatening illness,” and an “abnormal tumour” in his lung.

Yuvraj’s mother, Shabnam had announced that Yuvraj had a ‘non-malignant tumour’ in his lungs and that he had been battling it for long.

yuvraj 01 3001 f Yuvraj Singh diagnosed with cancer, undergoing chemotherapy in USA

“Reports and scans then showed us that Yuvraj was dealing with something really serious. A golf-ball size lump was found over his left lung and doctors advised us to go in for more detailed scans. The initial reports suggested that Yuvraj had what in medical terms, is called a abnormal tumor called lymphoma over his left lung. The danger was, we were told, that it could be malignant. When he returned from England… detailed scanning, and biopsy reports indicated that the tumour is non-malignant and non-threatening and can be treated through proper medication and therapy. In medical terms, Yuvraj is now in a much better state and on his way to a full recovery,” Yuvraj’s mother Shabnam said in a statement.

But it has now been diagnosed as malignant.

Yuvraj has been troubled by health issues since the World Cup, which India won, and has played just one Test match in England after that.


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