Will May 21st be Judgement Day and end of the world?

PinExt Will May 21st be Judgement Day and end of the world?

On May 21 comes the Day of Judgement

The end of the world will start with a great earthquake, terrible, that will shake the earth as never seen in history and will take place very soon, next May 21. That day, according to the American advertising is Harold Camping, the graves were opened and the remains of persons who died as the true believers will be resurrected and go to heaven. What will happen to the rest, as the engineer of ninety years, leading Fifty-four studies the Bible, and you get the idea.

Billboards announcing the end of the world can be seen in many cities around the United States and some Central American countries. In Arecibo, Puerto Rico, where many families settled in Galicia, in the middle stands a highway, with large letters announcing the Day of Judgement. You can also see cars with ads on the subject, referring to a radio network, the Family Radio, created by Camping in the sixties and present in all major cities in North America.

But it is not the first time that Harold Camping Announces World’s End. And said he would be in the early nineties, proving that prophesying is not for you, precisely, though I knew the fault attributed to a miscalculation and poor interpretation of the word. Now, however, says that this time there is doubt about their calculations, though of different religious churches qualifying him a false prophet. And go further, saying that what he really seeks to attract all this is true with large alms to the churches. The underlying idea in his speech, according to opponents, would be: give me the money they have, because as we all going to die, they will not need for anything. “

May 21 will it be the end ??

According to these sources, the churches that talk about the second coming of Jesus and the approaching end of the world would grow in money and membership in Latin America, Africa, the former Soviet Union and Southeast Asia. The phenomenon has been moved to television, where, at all times, programs are broadcast various sects and organizations, which costs money.

It happens that, economically, yet false prophet, founder of an evangelical ministry, have been very good things, like many pastors throughout the Americas. After studying civil engineering at the renowned University of Berkeley, ran a construction company which won enough money to found the Family radio company Stations, Inc., which very quickly came to control thirty-nine radio stations.

may 21 judgement day Will May 21st be Judgement Day and end of the world?

In this chain had from Oakland, California, a night at the symposium that gave different dates of return of the Lord. And, of course, with its economic power, it is who is behind the so-called “mega labels of fear”, present in different countries of Hispanic America and most of the fifty American states, which both can cause restlessness, announcing nothing less than the end of the world.

According to the calculations of this man based on day of creation, the day Jesus was crucified and the numbers of the passages of the Bible, you can set the May 21, 2011 will be the beginning of God’s Judgement humanity. Because not all happen in one day. Camping ensures that the Apocalypse will last until 21 October, the day on which, now, finally, there will be no trace of the existence of the planet. “That day has been clarified in detail, the fire will kill us all and our bodies were scattered throughout the earth. Also that day, God will choose who will be saved and go to his glory.”

There is little point other religious I replied that “the Bible says specifically that the end of the day nobody knows, not even the angels in heaven, only God the Father” because the former member of the Baptist church remains your ad … and billboards.

What do you think will happen on May 21? Do you believe in a “Judgment Day?” If you do, what are you doing to prepare? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Did anyone see the picture of the controversial billboard that was recently put up by another spiritual group near Family Radio’s headquarters? It directly challenges them about May 21. Here is a picture of it:


  • FOOLS! Your god is NOT coming back on May 21st because MY God, a more powerful, more all-knowing God than your pissy little god of Abraham, has already TRIUMPHED over your god.
    My God, the Flying Spaghetti Monster (bless his noodley appendages),has already intercepted your god and will not allow him to bring his religion of death and destruction to Earth. My God has stopped your god at the border of our blessed universe and turned his cowardly tail in the opposite direction. As I type this message, your god crawls on his belly back to his pathetic little hole at the edge of the universe, where he will spend the rest of eternity watching in impotent awe as my God repairs the damage done by Elohim and his sinful son over the past 2000 years. The proof will be in the failure of your god to make his existence known on May 21st. He WILL NOT come to the rescue of deluded christians the world over. No rapture will take place because my God forbids it. On May 21st you shall see. On May 21st your expectations will be disappointed and on that day, you shall truely know the power of FSM!

  • Dave … Did I read your message correct do you imply
    That GOD is not almighty nor exist maybe well if you do
    You got it so wrong!!!no the rupture will not take place on saturday
    But it will not be because you might think you so called god is more powerfull it will only b because no himan can predict the come of JESUS CHRIST… Now your God might b mighty but boy MY GOD is almighty.

    Have a blessed day

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