Vacation Time

The prospect of going on vacation is always started with the excitement and exultation of being somewhere new and not having to work for a while. This is soon overcome by the actual travel time, especially if there is children in the car or a screaming baby two rows away from you on the plane or bus.  Then there is the actual arrival, the relief the journey is over and looking forward to getting to your room/ villa/ bed and breakfast accommodation.
Which if you are lucky is exactly as the brochure/website portrayed it or as it turns out is a shack on the beach that was recently inhabited by the local wildlife and isn’t ready to move on yet without some persuading by you and yours. The unpacking comes next and even though your accommodation is facing the beach with a balmy breeze blowing through the bedrooms windows, the curtains blowing romantically in the breeze, all you can do is shake out your clothes and realize you only brought your grundy undies with the holes in and the kids are screaming they have left there bathing suits at home.

Congratulations your holiday has begun.  Let’s hope the accommodation is the sort where they deliver food to your room and there is a complimentary breakfast in the morning, otherwise as usual you are stuck cooking and generally cleaning up after everyone else and really what is the point of a holiday if all you do is exactly the same stuff you do at home. So the unpacking is done, the day is nearly over but it is time to go buy all those things you left at home, even though you had made a list and everyone agreed that they had packed according to said list. Meanwhile the offspring are complaining about not going to the beach right away and the spouse is yelling at traffic.  Shopping done, kids calm with a promise of beach time and spouse starting to relax with the thought of the beer in the back of the car. Now it is time to find your way back to your accommodation…………..umm it is back the other way.

Here is an alternative plan, don’t go booking into any hoilday accommodation Mudgee. Stay home, farm the kids out to any willing relative you can find, go out to a restaurant every night and sleep in, relive you honeymoon with your spouse in every room of the house and generally spoil yourself rotten with movies you can watch all in one sitting and toilet time uninterrupted.  It will be about the same cost as actually going on holiday and you don’t have to put up with strangers turning up their nose at the almost fluorescent whiteness of your legs. If you must do something with your children make it a day trip and try to remember how much you love them when hey throw up in the car.