Two Moons On August 27 2010 : Don’t Miss It

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PinExt Two Moons On August 27 2010 : Dont Miss It

There would be two moons in sky on 27th August 2010; when Mars comes within 34.65 million miles of earth. This would be once in a while chance. I want no one to miss that awesome event. 27 August 2010 this will be different for the first time in over a thousand years on that night two moons will be visible the world over with the naked eye.

At least what appears to be two moons, the second moon is actually would be the planet Mars of our solar system. The red planet will come so close to the earth that it will appear as if it is a second moon in the sky. If you miss this chance then will have to wait till 2287 so don’t miss the chance of being witness of this amazing event of two moons togather. Be sure to watch the sky on 27 August 2010 12:30 am IST.

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