Tribute to King of Pop “Michael Jackson”

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It has been nearly two years since King of pop Michael Jackson passed away on June 25 2009. But still the memories of legendary Michael Jackson have been occupying major space with his millions of fans. Its time to give him a tribute by remembering him.

The moves you’ve got on you, the steps you see on albums, the grooves you know about dance is all an adaptation. An adaptation from one of the best, from the one and only, from the king of Pop, from Michael Jackson. We have all grown up dancing to his tunes and awestruck at his elegant dance form.

Often referred to as MJ was the pioneer to dancing videos. He made sure or rather set an example that singing and dancing can be done at the same moment. His massive hits like dangerous and beat made the world go crazy and it still does go crazy on the beats, effects and the steps employed in these songs and any of his song for that matter actually. Be it the gravity free Moonwalk or the special lean or even a simple head bob. There is none to out”dance” the King.

michael ackson Tribute to King of Pop Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has now passed away, due to many controversial reasons. The world of dance took a huge hit at the maestro death and is slowly regenerating itself from the miserable loss. A movie was made in memoir of the human wonder. His determination was what that awed the most. We have enjoyed his songs right from the child hood.

The man who made our childhood soothing didn’t have a pleasant one for him. He was forced, whipped to perform in his father’s stage crew. This brought in discipline and also the urge to be set free and thus the rising of the star. Right from the minute he performed the Moonwalk in Motown till date, he remains in the heart of many. Infact there are many debates that he is not actually dead and some state his soul remains. Dead or not, Michael Jackson will always remain immortal in the hearts of many and his legendary moves will never leave the stage.

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