Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement: Made $750 MIllion To Elin Nordegren For Silence Settlement

PinExt Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement: Made $750 MIllion To Elin Nordegren For Silence Settlement

Rumors says that $750 million worth is to be settled by $Billion worth Tiger Woods for Silence of Elin Nordegren, no-interviews, no TV appearances, absolute confidentiality, tell-all books about the issue for as long as she exists in her lifetime. This $750 Million was made possible by her great legal team who did the digging of all available assets of Woods. In the event she failed to comply to the underwritten agreement of settlement then all the claims that was inclusive in the agreement will be lost from her ownership. Elin Nordegren will be filing the Divorce at Orlando County Court.

This money involved in their Divorce settlement is actually the biggest celebrity payout in history. Part of the terms that Tiger Woods need to abide is that he is not to be allowed to expose his kids to his short time girl(s) and can only introduce the kids to a girlfriend if he marries her.

Elin gets the custody of their kids but Tiger gets a share on legal custody. So this means, Tiger will share decisions about the kids, and because of that, Elin will not be able to permanently relocate them to her native Sweden anytime soon.

If this ain’t $750 million then how much is it worth to silence the truth? Is that amount of money to keep her silence still worth to erase Tiger Woods mistakes or is it much worth to make his best effort to fix the family for his kids. Everyone makes mistakes in life but we should know how to get back-up to recover if you really want to fix what was damaged in the past.

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