Technical Glitch disables 150,000 Gmail accounts

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PinExt Technical Glitch disables 150,000 Gmail accounts

Gmail with its huge storage capacity, is well known as an ultimate warehouse of personal information for countless all over the world, where people make use of their email as the most secure place to safeguard their information inside gmail. But think twice from now before you depend fully over the email system as the secure place to safeguard your valuable information because Google’s email service has been affected with a technical glitch which has resulted in about 150,000 gmail accounts holders email messages have been lost, which includes all their email, attachement, photos and google chat logs etc.

However in responding to the major issues regarding this Google said that they are doing all sort of steps to restore the lost data to the users.

2 27 11 fresh gmail feb 2011 Technical Glitch disables 150,000 Gmail accounts

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The bug reset the affected accounts and showed a welcome message to some users. Google said in a statement that the bug had affected less than 0.08 per cent of all Gmail users. Yes, percentage wise it is a small amount, but 150,000 not a small number too!

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