Portugal Falls to Spain 1-0 in World Cup

PinExt Portugal Falls to Spain 1 0 in World Cup

It has been really upsetting games for the Portugal fans as they lost their crucial match against Spain to make into the quarterfinals. It was once again David Villa who saved the game for the Spain again Portugal with a 1-0 victory. David Villa’s initial goal was well stopped by the Portugal goal keeper but soon he came with an ultimate goal which finally became the victory goal for the Spain. Cristiana Ronaldo had many easy and good chances where he and his team failed to capitalize them to make into goals which made Portugal a setback in the game.

Spain was really dominating right from the beginning of the match, never gave much chances for Portugal.  Even though several goal chances came for the Portugal way and a curving free kick by Ronaldo almost went in and Hugo Almeida blew a header.

Portugal captain ronaldo was totally upset over the team’s performance and showed his displeasure by spitting when he saw the camera trained directly on him after the game. However Spain will take on Paraguay in their quarterfinals which will take place on July 3rd.

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