Justin Bieber Bribes Chris Johnson in Syphilis Cover Up?

PinExt Justin Bieber Bribes Chris Johnson in Syphilis Cover Up?

It seems this month is a rumor month of Justin Bieber and it is really pity that this young little Bieber is being continuously caught up in the internet rumor. This time Justin Bieber was caught up for the bribes of Chris Johnson in Syphilis Cover up which has took off the previous rumors of Bieber getting holds of Kim Kardashian. The last six rumors which Justin was caught within a couple of months are as follows

  • Bieber arrested
  • Bieber cursed out some guy
  • Bieber died again
  • Bieber got syphilis
  • Bieber Breaks his neck
  • Finally the New one Justin Bieber Bribes Chris Johnson in Syphilis Cover Up.

So it appears that Bieber getting arrested has only pissed him off enough to curse someone out before dying again, becoming resurrected only to get syphilis before breaking his neck and then while hospitalized for his broken neck, he managed to bribe “Chris Johnson” to cover up his Syphilis… yeah that makes a LOT of sense. These rumors could have really affected the little boy a lot who gets millions of messages over him when he opens the internet. It could be really hard to bare all rumors being imposed over a boy who has never come across.

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