Instagram For Iphone Get Major Update,Brings More “Visual Improvements”

PinExt Instagram For Iphone Get Major Update,Brings More Visual Improvements

Instagram on the iphone got its first major update after being bought by facebook. The new 2.5 update for IOS has brought several changes to the photo-sharing app such as revamped profile tab, Speed optimizations, Visual improvements improved search and commenting, and the ability to optionally share to Facebook.

instagram explore icon 1 Instagram For Iphone Get Major Update,Brings More Visual ImprovementsVersion 2.5 of the photo-sharing app doesn’t exactly change it out of all recognition, but it does add a whole new tab — “Explore”, to replace the “Popular” tab section which showcased photos with the most likes. This makes it much easier to find new people to follow and search out hashtags. This could be the beginnings of a much larger content-discovery push for Instagram. However there is also a noticeable Facebook feature that lets users share likes, or little hearts, to Facebook if they want. Brand page managers can post directly to their Facebook page without leaving the app. Also the app performs the photo-loading quite quickly compared to the previous version.

You can download the latest Instagram app for iOS here (iTunes link) 

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