How Governments Can Contain Corruption Amongst Customs Broker

In many countries, corruption is an impediment to development and service delivery. There is need to understand that corruption is not only in developing world but also in developed world. Many government officials collude and connive with their colleges and other people outside the government to engage and perpetrate in high corruption scandals. For instance, in many government contracting and tendering processes, only the most connected win such lucrative tenders and contracts. This is as a result of collusion within the government systems and officials.

There is need for such government to ensure transparency and accountability in each and every government department. This can be through embracing e-government businesses and employing highly trained and qualified experts who are known for their expertise and high professionalism. Many government officials in and around the world are known for their low productivity and corruption. In some cases, it is as a result of poor salaries. They engage in funny and corrupt deals in order to supplement their low income. The government can endeavor to reduce its work force and remain with a small and manageable number of employees who they can pay well. This will reduce the number of corruption cases in many governments.

Customs broker is a person who in most cases works in collaboration with government custom officials in order to clear goods on behalf of their clients mostly businesses in this case. There is need for such a broker to be well versed with various clearance and forwarding rules if they have to achieve their goals and assist their clients. In many cases, they locate their offices near the ports of entry and other country’s entry points in order to ease service delivery to their people. In many cases, they are confronted by various business people both genuine and corrupt. In some cases, some of these business people want to sneak in illegal goods to their countries.

Such goods include drugs and other illegal products. In some cases, they do not want to pay taxes for their goods and in others; they want to pay less taxes than the assessed amounts. To achieve such endeavors they use the brokers to do this. The brokers approach the custom officials in their quest to orchestrate this otherwise unfortunate and illegal action. In some cases, due to the huge amount of money that is involved, the brokers and the custom officials fall prey and authorize these transactions.

In order to curtail this, there is need for each and every government to ensure that all the transactions are documented and there should be separation of duties in order to involve as many officials as possible in a single transaction. This will reduce corruption as not every employee and/or official is willing and ready to enter in these dirty dealings. Some of these officials uphold high levels of professionalism and decorum in their day to day activities. Customs tariff is a source of revenue for many governments in and around the world and if some people are allowed to steal it many countries will lag behind in terms of development agenda.