Download Microsoft Office 2013: Features Takes It To Next Level.

PinExt Download Microsoft Office 2013: Features Takes It To Next Level.

microsoft office 2013 300x168 Download Microsoft Office 2013: Features Takes It To Next Level.Microsoft Office 2013 Preview:

Microsoft unveiled a new version of its Office suite tailored for tablets and other touch screen devices. Microsoft has come up with number of cool, interesting, and very useful improvements to their Word 2013. You can try your hand with the new Microsoft Office 2013 here. However it is necessary that you need a Microsoft accoutnt to sign-in in order to download.

Like all applications in Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint have got some major changes and here’s a quick look at some key features in each application. Here is the short glimpse over the features of Microsoft office 2013.

PowerPoint: PowerPoint now has an enhanced presentation mode, too, allowing users to project their documents onto a screen while simultaneously viewing their notes and slides on a tablet or PC.

Slide Zoom:  This feature means that users can direct their audience’s attention to a particular point of a slide, by zooming in on a diagram, chart, or graphic etc. This seems to be a pretty cool feature, especially if you happen to have your slideshow on a tablet or mobile device.


Microsoft brings in a new viewing mode, called Reader. When you view a document in this reader mode, each paragraph has a small triangle in front of it. Click the triangle after you’ve finished reading its associated paragraph, and the paragraph will collapse so that more text will appear, without your having to scroll to another page.


Flash Fill:  The new Excel holds in a new way to recognise data, and has the ability to auto-complete the remaining data, with no formulas or macros required. Sounds cool.

Social Network:

So no way social networking is going to stay away from Microsoft office 2013.You can share selected portions of your spreadsheets on the web by simply embedding them on your social network pages. There are also options to embed video into Word documents, or share a document directly on to Facebook.

If you’d like to check out Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview for yourself, you can download the software from here.

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